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Together We Can Do Anything!

If your goal in is to maximize your potential and be all that God has called you to be, you must decide today that other people are crucial to your success.  As hard as it may be sometimes to work together with others, the Word of God commands us to do everything possible to get along with others.  Jesus thought it was so important that He prayed for us to be one.  John chapter 17 shows us the heart of God as it pertains to his desire for us to become one.

There are many reasons why we need one another.  Some are obvious and others aren't so easily recognizable.  Most people by nature prefer to be alone, yet God thought it a bad thing and did something about it.  Adam was enjoying himself in an exclusive relationship with the Almighty but that was not God's best.

It was God's idea not Adams, that he needed a companion.  Companionship is a need not just a desire. Psalms chapter 133 says that in the mind of God man is at his best when he is working in collaboration with others.  It says how good and pleasant it is when brothers work together in unity. He reminds us that the place of agreement is the place of power.  We can do more together than we can do  by ourselves.

Two hands are no match for four.  When we come together everything is easier, faster and more efficient.  Two people together can hold more and handle more than one person can alone. The only time the two hands work better than four is when you are doing something for your own selfish motives.  As long as what you doing affects more people than yourself, you will always be better. 

God knew the enormity of his assignment for your life, therefore he made it essential for you to work with others.  Your assignment is so big that he made it impossible for you to do it alone.  Many people never get beyond this point because they never figure out how God works.  He demonstrates to us just how important and impactful working together is.  Jesus proclaimed that he does nothing without the Father. He relied on the power of the Holy Spirit to do everything he did while ministering on the earth.

Make up your mind that Winning is more important than your personal agenda.  I would rather get to my goal with someone else than to not reach it alone.  Two are better than one because when you are alone there is nobody there to help you if you fall but when you have someone else with you, your chances of survival increase exponentially.  One can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand.

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Game Changer

by: Dr. Torrance Jacko

Few people experience the Joy of seeing consistent life advancement, because they cover their shortcomings by making EXCUSES.

Each attempt to improve that comes up short, has its own unique excuses attached.

John 5:1-8  Your condition will remain the same as long as you make excuses.

Proverbs 26:13 Lazy Man always makes excuses.

Your Life Change is on the other side of Your Excuses...