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Food Bank and Pantry Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry

To assist in providing food to families in a loving, respectful, and courteous manner.

Description of the Ministry

Drivers who serve in this ministry are required to drive a large van or their own large vehicle to San Diego Food Bank in Mira mar and/or Oak Hill Residential Inn in Escondido once or several times a month (2-5x). One serving must have the ability to maneuver personal schedule if pick-up date is changed.

Baggers and clean up workers who serve in this ministry set up a given area for bagging merchandise, counting, organizing ( bags), and breaking down boxes for disposal every third Tuesday.

Front-line workers who serve in this ministry have direct contact with people. They assist in signing people in and distributing bags in a kind and loving manner.

Pantry workers who serve in this ministry must be available to serve after service on Sundays and Wednesday to church members who need food and bread.

 Those Best Suited to Serve in the Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are those who are energetic, punctual, enjoy serving and are able to follow instructions. Wisdom is required to deal with situations and personalities. One must be a good motivator who has love and compassion toward people. One must be able to communicate positively, constructively and with a supportive attitude. One must be a hard worker and have a love for helping people.


Takin' it to the Streets (Homeless Outreach)


Purpose of the Ministry

To provide the poor and homeless with nutritious meals while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ; as well as educate others of the plight of the hungry and homeless in the community.  

Description of the Ministry

This Ministry reaches out on the Second Saturday of each month, meeting together in the Fellowship Hall from 8 o’clock to 9:30am to prepare the lunches. Community outreach begins in parking lot of Smart & Final Downtown located at 15th & G St. Meals are distributed between 10 o’clock and 11: 30am.

Through the dedication of brothers and sisters working together as one body of Christ this ministry serves more than 250 meals each month to the homeless and or disabled, including adults and children.

Those Best Suited to Serve in the Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve must have a true compassion and love for helping people. One must have an open heart and a genuine love for people while maintaining a commitment to serve without exercising judgment and a sensitive spirit to the needs of others.

Martha's Ministry

 Purpose of the Ministry

To offer personal care on a temporary or on an as needed basis to members of the congregation.

Description of the Ministry

The service of this ministry is done (in complete confidentiality) to glorify and honor God with glad and willing hearts.  Those who serve in this ministry understand that we all face challenges through life and many times having an extra meal, someone to grab the groceries or help with the light household chores is the difference in what gets one through each day.

Those Best Suited to Serve in the Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve have good organizational skills, are good listeners, and can be anyone who can contribute from a teen to a grand-adult.  Comforting and helping people who have experienced challenges are passions for this ministry. 


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