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Drama Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry


To minister the Word of God through dramatic interpretation. 


Description of the Ministry


Members of the drama team present God’s message through drama and utilize their collaborative, God-given talents to create and deliver messages through skits and short plays.  Members study and memorize assigned scripts, rehearse and portray an array of characters and personalities in an effort to minister to the Body.



Those Best Suited To Serve in This Ministry


Individuals best suited to serve are creative, positive, out-going and exuberant in their desire to use these characteristics to bring glory to God through drama. In conjunction, one must be willing and able to step outside of their comfort zone to play a variety of characters.  One must have the ability to take direction and constructive criticism, as well as be open to the Holy Spirit and work well in a group setting.

Holy Inspired Steps - Dance Ministry (Ages 13 and up)

Purpose of the Ministry

To usher in the Holy Spirit through tastefully arranged creative performances while leading the congregation in praise and worship; thereby, providing an environment where Christians learn that all gifts can be used to glorify God. 

Description of the Ministry

Dancers attend scheduled practices to perfect the dance going forth in unity and excellence in ministering during services.  Practice begins with an opening prayer and continues with instructions on the breakdown of steps and movements.  Practice lasts one to two hours and ends with a closing prayer.  There is a financial commitment of purchasing a uniform. In addition, uniform accessories and CDs for music are purchased periodically. 

Those Best Suited To Serve in This Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are committed, energetic, creative and have a desire to minister the Word of God and to express God’s love through creative movement.  One should be committed to attend practice outside of regularly scheduled practices.  One must possess a willingness to learn and work as a team. No dance experience necessary.


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