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Altar Counselor Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry

To minister to those who respond to the call of God on their lives for salvation, re-dedication, baptism with the Holy Spirit, and church membership.

 Description of the Ministry

The Altar Counselor is there to lead those who come forth in prayer and assurance through Scripture according to the need identified. This is a vital part of the ministry because it deals with people opening up their hearts to the Lord.  The Altar Counselor might be the first to welcome a new Believer who has accepted Jesus Christ. 

 The Altar Counselor follows up on the people they have ministered to which involves various interactions through phone, email, and more importantly one-on-one contact to promote ministry discipleship.  Altar Counselors help the new members to feel at home in the church and have a passion for motivating them to become involved.

Those Best Suited to Serve in This Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve must be filled with the Holy Spirit (due to the continuous interaction with people), good communicators, knowledgeable of the Bible, familiar with church facilities and ministries, ready to serve this capacity, and full of love and patience towards all.

Café Ministry

The Purpose of the Ministry

To provide delicious meals and snacks to our members, visitors, and community.

Description of the Ministry

This ministry offers members the opportunity to serve in an area where their creativity can be utilized in all aspects of planning, preparing, and producing meals.

The Café consist of 4 stations:

Station 1:  Taking orders and providing customers with condiments, cutlery, and beverages.

Station 2: Consists of prepping and packing the meals and side items

Station 3: Preparing the meals

Station 4: Clean up

Those members assigned to serve are required to report to the café before the service if needed for prepping meals, and return after service for their designated assignment.

Those Best Suited to Serve in the Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are not required to have cooking skills to participate.  One should be creative and exciting with attention to cleanliness and a passion to serve.  One should be able to multi-task, and possibly handle more than one duty at a time at a moment’s notice.  One should love to interact with different people from all age groups.


Communion Ministry

  Purpose of the Ministry

To prepare Communion for when God’s people corporately come together as one body to remember and celebrate what Christ has done for us in His life, death, and resurrection.

 Description of the Ministry

The team understands the importance of cleanliness and sanitation in regard to preparing the Lord’s Supper.  Once a month, the team meets on a Saturday to prepare Holy Communion for Sunday worship service.  On Sunday morning when communion is served, the team sets up bread, juice, and communion ware in the sanctuary.  Immediately following Communion, the team collects all communion ware and meets in the kitchen to clean, sterilize, and restock communion ware. 

 Those Best Suited To Serve in the Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are those who are born again, have integrity, a positive attitude and have a passion for serving and contributing to the ministry of the church.  One must be able to perform small, repetitious tasks.

Facilities Care Ministry

 Purpose of the Ministry

To provide a clean and organized environment that further defines our commitment to excellence in ministry.

Description of the Ministry

This ministry of helps is about first impressions.  Just as one values appearance, the first impression of the church grounds, sanctuary and restrooms are equally important.  Key responsibilities include the emptying of all wastebaskets, dusting (all facilities), vacuuming (all carpeted areas), and thoroughly cleaning restrooms and office areas on a weekly basis.

Those Best Suited to Serve in the Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are people who are able to perform physical labor necessary in cleaning church facilities and who take pride in seeing all facilities clean and orderly.  Training will be provided. One must be able to serve on Saturdays – anytime, Wednesday before Bible Study and occasionally at additional services that are announced. 

Graphic Design Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry

 To glorify God by utilizing expertise in graphic design to provide professional designs and printed media for the ministry.

 Description of Ministry

This team works with other ministries in the church to design all printed material for the ministry such as fliers, banners, logos, DVD covers and other various tasks.  Special projects are usually met by brainstorming sessions.

 Those Best-Suited To Serve in this Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are artistic, promote good communication within the church and have experience using design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. Freehand artists are a plus!  One should be open to learning new things and be full of creativity. 


Greeter’s Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry

To provide a relaxed, positive environment for those who come through the doors of the church by making them feel important, loved, at peace, and most of all- welcomed.

Description of the Ministry

Greeters scheduled to serve should arrive thirty minutes early and always begin with prayer. Two or more greeters will serve at each service. Those who serve will greet all visitors, members, Pastors (and their Wives), guest speakers, and other Anointed men and women of God. One should extend a warm welcome and smile while having kind words to say. The ability to be knowledgeable of information pertaining to the church facilities and events is very essential in this ministry.

Those Best Suited to Serve in This Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are sensitive to needs and feelings of others, faithful, honest and filled with the Holy Spirit.   Wisdom is required to deal appropriately with situations or personalities. One must be a motivator who has love and the compassion of God toward people. One’s communication should always be positive, constructive and supportive.  One should be happy and joyful about ECI and the various events taking place.

Sound/Video Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry

To provide audio and video services within the ministry for the glory of God.

 Description of the Ministry

Teams are composed of the audio and video sections, which is responsible for the audio recording and the video taping of the worship services and special activities of the church. The ministry also seeks to develop the God-given talents of the members by electronically bringing  Pastor Jacko into homes around the world, there by providing a customer experience which rivals that which is found in the secular media, i.e. TV, radio, Internet, CDs and DVDs.

 One will learn how to operate the soundboard, microphones, CD players, and recorders.  One will be responsible for operating video cameras and lighting. One will learn how to direct a video session, record commercials for the ministry, and edit recorded video.

 Those Best Suited to Serve in This Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are willing to serve faithfully with precision and good hearing.  Training will be provided for everyone on the sound/video team. One will be required to stand for no more 30 minutes when at work on the cameras. The ministry offers a weekly rotation, so one will serve in different areas.   

Ushers and Parking Lot Ministry

 Purpose of the Ministry

To serve and be of service to God’s people and to ensure that people see and experience the love of God in all that is spoken and demonstrated.

Description of the Ministry

Parking lot attendants enjoy working outside and can direct traffic and parking when crowd and traffic congestion warrants it.  Attendants also greet visitors in the lot and direct them to the appropriate entrance, as well as assist the elderly and disabled with church entry as needed.

Ushering involves more than just shaking hands and passing the offering plates.  The role of the Usher is important and is a great asset to the body of Christ.  Ushers help promote church growth by making visitors feel welcome. Ushers also help protect the Anointing by minimizing distractions.  Ushers are exemplary role models during offering and also assist members with seating, distribution of literature, etc.

Those Best Suited To Serve in This Ministry

Individuals best suited to serve are even tempered, able to stand for long periods of time, hospitable, energetic, observant and diligent people who desire to use their gifts to glorify God. One should possess a love for the Word of God and a desire to see tasks completed with a spirit of excellence. Those working in this ministry enjoy serving, welcoming and helping others and are able to handle tasks simultaneously while collaborating and assessing needs.

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